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FACES Imprisoned Women and Their Struggle with the Criminal Justice System
FACES Imprisoned Women and Their Struggle with the Criminal Justice System

When the play, FACES, closed, the women asked me to tell their stories and pass on their advice and warnings. I promised I would. FACES Imprisoned Women and Their Struggle with the Criminal Justice System, and the workshop project described below are the fulfillment of that promise.

Most of the women with whom I work will never see the other side of the prison walls. They have asked me to take their voices to the outside world. Therefore, I am offering workshops to adults, teens, and young adults in any venue: schools, community centers, churches, synagogues – anywhere there is a group of young people who need to hear hard truths.

My goal is to speak to small groups and allow the women’s words to spark discussion that could lead to more thought to the choices young people face. There is no charge for this service, although a social justice organization of your choice would be grateful for a voluntary donation.

May I meet with you to discuss this project?

Betty May
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  • How FACES came to be

How the play, FACES, evolved from a simple mission: to warn young people about the dangers of bad choices – to a phenomenon that inspired over a thousand people.

  • Why people commit crimes/murder

The women’s stories. The person behind the headlines.

  • Prison Life

What prison life is really like. An answer to young people who think prison is “cool.”

  • Life After Prison

The almost insurmountable challenges that face returning citizens as they try to reclaim their lives.

Laws, Policies, and Processes

An examination of our judicial system: the basics as well as laws that can ruin lives such as the little-known Felony Murder Law.

  • Human Trafficking

A look at this scourge that affects every nation on the globe and every state in our country.

  • Hope for the Future

Advice from the women and an introduction to Restorative Justice, a new/old way of dealing with conflict that offers an alternative to violence.

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