Our clan is a big one. Pardon me for bragging!

May Family Photo good

Earl and his wife, Denise, live in Watertown, Massachusetts. Earl is a biochemist working in biotech, and leads research into new cancer therapies. Denise does extensive volunteer work in their community.

Denise and EarlThey have three children: Sam, a PhD candidate in marine biology In Seattle, Washington; Marina, a biomedical engineer in San Francisco; and Ben, a junior at the University of Pennsylvania

Yosemite kids

Paul and his wife, Kathie, live in St. Augustine, Florida. Paul has his own business in IT: Grand Technology Solutions ( Kathie is a CPA and works as a consultant.


They have three children: Bryan, who works as an accountant for Pandora, Caitlin, a graduate of the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore, MD, is now a freelance artist with a graphic novel contract with Harper; and Maggie, a graduate in journalism from George Washington University in Washington, D.C. She works as a freelance copy writer.

With Sheryl’s sister Debbie at the Renaissance Festival

Greg and his wife, Sheryl, live in Columbia, MD. After five years with his circus school, Greg now freelances as a professional entertainer. Sheryl is an administrator with Baltimore’s United Way. GREG:SHERIYL:ME

ON BROADWAY With Shelly Guy at PIPPIN!

Julie and her husband, Sam, live in Randallstown, MD. Julie works for Maryland Treatment Centers. She earned her Masters degree in counseling and her clinical license. Sam is a Federal Police Officer in Washington D.C. JUL:BRI:SAM AT GRAD Their daughter, Briana, is in her second year of college studying to become a Nurse Practioner

And we keep growing!

Betty family 2

Chris and his wife, Jennifer, live in Columbia, MD. After many years as an administrator at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, Chris went back to school and graduated with a degree in engineering. He now teaches at Johns Hopkins University. Jennifer is an administrator with the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing.CHRIS:JEN XMAS

They have three daughters: twins Sydney and Megan and Erin . Sydney just started her freshman year at Bryn Mawr University while Megan headed off to Temple University – both in Philadelphia. Erin is a sophomore in high school.


Rockin' at the Zoo
Rockin’ at the Zoo
Christmas Dinner






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