Hello, Everyone!. My name is Betty May. I am a theatrical director, a writer, and a clown. Born in Brooklyn, New York, I attended high school on Long Island and was graduated from Wayne State University (Detroit, Michigan) with majors in theater and history and a minor in science.Scan 133090009

In college, I met and married Gerald (Jerry) G. May.

While our children, Earl, Paul, Greg, Julie, and Chris (who joined the family late in life) were growing up I taught swimming, acting, dance, and exercise classes. I conducted a class I called, “Parent and Child Messin’ Around” and wrote and had published a non-fiction book based on that class: T.S.K.H.* *TICKLE SNUG KISS HUG Exercises and Tricks for Parent-Child Fun (Paulist Press).

My drama classes grew and I opened my own theaterIMG_0424 in a derelict movie house with kid, teen, and adult companies. The kids and teens toured extensively, including a teen trip to France, England, and Switzerland. These years were filled with Broadway musicals, educational pieces, and plays I wrote to fill in the gaps between major productions.

When the late 1980s recession set in, grant money dried up and the theater closed. I expanded my theatrical efforts to Central America. I taught high school during the school year (Theater, Art History, and Spanish) and spent the summers in a squatters’ settlement in Guatemala. I started with a troupe of thirty-five street kids; over seven summers it swelled to a company of ninety. We performed in other settlements, churches, schools, community centers, and synagogues. We toured mountain villages, where the indigenous inhabitants spoke only the languages of their ancient ancestors. The children enchanted the public at the National Palace and at the Guatemalan version of The Hollywood Bowl. Their performances culminated in a featured hour-long appearance on Guatemalan national television.

My husband, Jerry, was a psychiatrist, spiritual consultant, and author. He wrote ten books in all, including Addiction and Grace and The Wisdom of Wilderness. When he died after a protracted battle with cancer, it fell to me to edit the latter, the most difficult task of my life.

Following Jerry’s death, I searched for something to do we had not done together. I went to clown school, learned to juggle, balance plates, and make balloon animals, and became a variety artist.BrooklynHeadshot2JL In addition to writing and theater work, I performed at parties and community and business events, and served as head coach at Greg’s circus school.

My writing is ongoing. To date I have written three novels: Where Space Begins (middle grade science fiction), Payback (a Middle Grade book about bullying), Changing Corners (a Young Adult book about racism), and one non-fiction project FACES: Imprisoned Women and Their Struggle with the Criminal Justice System  (a New Adult book based on my experience working with a group of Lifers in a maximum-security prison). Payback, Changing Corners, and FACES are available on Amazon: bettymayauthor.com

For the past twelve years I have worked with a group of Lifers at the Maryland Correctional Institution for Women. I went into the prison in response to a somewhat bizarre request: write a comedy about life in prison. Now I am an activist in the judicial and penal systems, testifying before congressional committees and advocating for people I once knew only through horrific newspaper headlines.

My sojourn into the maximum-security prison was more foreign to me than the time I spent in Guatemala.  What started as a simple theatrical gig turned into a life-changing phenomenon.

Annapolis, MD: Testifying for Humane Justice
Annapolis, MD: Testifying for Humane Justice

While I continue with my writing, I am totally committed to advocating for the women who have become my friends, and lobbying for progressive changes in our judicial and penal systems.


4 thoughts on “About”

  1. Even though I knew most of what you were doing, seeing it all in one place takes my breath away! You’re really incredible!

  2. Dear Betty, My heart reaches out to you and all the wonderful things you have done and continue to do while on this magic globe. Big hugs from your “little brother”.

  3. Beautiful site. Briana and I love it. We both agree, your wedding picture is the BEST picture on your site. Love you

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